Trainer 22

2011 ANNOUNCEMENT ! (Now 1 August 2014)


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Trainer 22 - Mr LD

2011 Introduction

Mr LD was from NUS (National University of Singapore) and classmate with Mr SBH from 1981-1984:

  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc in Physics)
  • Mr LD have been an in-house Trainer for Electronics company since 1997 (so now 2011 it is almost 14 years)!
  • Note: Now Mr SBH's daughter is also in NUS Singapore! And also studying Physics in NUS Singapore!

2014 Updates

  • Mr LD from NUS Alumni Physics (1985)
  • Mr SBH from NUS Alumni Physics (1984)
  • Mr SBH's daughter also from NUS Alumni Physics (2013)

Mr LD's Expert Topics (Freelance Trainer)


 Training for in-house Engineers and Managers

1.         FMEA and FMEA plus

2.         SPC

3.         Creative Problem Solving

4.         K-T Problem Analysis

5.         Measurement System Analysis

6.         TS16949 Awareness

7.         ISO14001 Awareness (click)

8.         Balanced Scorecard

9.         QCC and Seven QC tools

10.     Machine Process Capability Studies

11.     Mind Mapping

12.     What is Quality?

13.     Positive Working Attitude

14.     Total Quality Management for Managers

15.     Total Quality Management for Engineers

16.     5S Housekeeping (click)

17.     Managing Human Error

18.     Successful leadership


Areas of expertise include:

1.         People management concepts

2.         Coaching and motivational skills

3.         Conflict management/resolution

4.         Dealing with difficult people

5.         Positive thinking and work attitude

6.         Leadership skills

7.         Problem analysis and solving skills (5-Whys, FTA, Is-Is Not, etc.)

8.         8D methodology

9.         SPC

10.     Managing human error

11.     Zero defects concepts

12.     Quality concepts

13.     Total quality management

14.     Efficient and effective quality systems

15.     ISO9001 and TS16949

16.     ISO14001 (click)

17.     Maintaining ISO9001 and making it relevant to the company (click)

18.     Maintaining ISO14001 and making it relevant to the company

19.     Efficient and effective QMS and EMS document control

20.     Practical internal quality and environmental audits

21.     Fallacies in problem reasoning